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Buy RAM- Desktop Online in Bangladesh

Even if you have the latest and most advanced processing unit in your computer, you might notice that your computer eventually slows down over time. For those who use computers for demanding work such as designing, or running memory-draining applications, you might want to consider picking up the best RAM to give your PC a healthy speed boost. While searching for the best RAM available online, you will notice that the online market is filled with RAM chips of different capacities, speeds, and even sizes of memory. Those who aren’t familiar with the the various aspects that go into choosing the right type of RAM may find it difficult in making their purchase.

Why You Consider a RAM Upgrade

RAM is basically the short-term memory of your computer. This is the place where your computer keeps track of the programs and data you are using at the moment. Whether you use your computer or laptop for work or for gaming, upgrading your RAM is a question of performance. You might have noticed that your system’s performance is slower during a specific time. You can check this easily by opening the Task Manager and checking whether you are overtaxing your available RAM. If you are someone who always has several programs open at once, then upgrade your RAM is an option that you must consider.

A computer with large RAM capacity has increased responsiveness, loads programs faster, runs data-intensive applications with ease, and increases your computer’s overall multitasking capabilities. Most people know that upgrading your computer RAM makes the computer faster. Let us take a deeper look at how upgrading the RAM helps your computer.

Make Everything on Your Computer Faster

RAM is the component in any computer which allows for short-term data access. Any computing system’s moment-to-moment operations rely on short-term data access whether it is for loading applications, browsing the Internet, or editing a spreadsheet. The higher the speed of your memory, the faster your applications load.

Multitask with Ease

Most jobs nowadays require the use of a computer, and we all juggle a lot of tasks simultaneously. While editing a document, we might be listening to music, taking a look at pictures, and browsing the Internet. Handling multiple tasks simultaneously naturally leads to a performance problem. Each and every application that is being run on your computer requires memory and competes from the limited RAM your computer possesses. Overcoming this problem can be done by installing RAM chips of a high-memory capacity.

A Better Computing System

You don’t need to spend a fortune on getting a new computing system. Upgrading your PC’s RAM is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to increase performance. Whether you are using your computer for work or play, get more out of your system by giving it the resources it needs to perform efficiently.

Easy Installation

You don’t need to be a computer whizz to install or upgrade RAM for your computer. A screwdriver and a manual are all you need to install RAM in a few minutes. You can just watch a tutorial video from the Web which will walk you through the process step by step. You don’t need to pay a computer shop to do something you can do by yourself in no time.

The Meaning of DDR

You might have come across the term DDR3 or DD4 RAM while browsing online. DDR is the acronym for Double Data Rate which essentially means that two transfers happen during one clock cycle. Newer versions are updated, hence the reason why RAM modules are labelled as DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and so on. While purchasing RAM, make sure that you are choosing the right RAM module which suits your motherboard.


This type of RAM is the oldest kind that you will come across in this day. These are less expensive and you can still buy them in limited quantities to upgrade older machines.


This type of RAM was the industry standard a while back but is currently being superseded by DDR4.


This version of RAM is the one most popularly seen in many computing systems. It helps in reducing the voltage required even further. If you’re buying a new motherboard, ensure that it is DDR4 compatible.

DDR5 is the latest one and the most upgraded one.