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We have two types of cooler for your PC. First one is air cooler and the second one is liquid cooler.

There’s plenty of space for both in the market, and we’re listing plenty of each when it comes to the top CPU coolers for your gaming rig. We’ve tested every one of the coolers on this page ourselves, cribbing the top picks from our best AIO cooler for CPUs and best CPU air cooler guides.

Air coolers are still just about the most common of the two chilling methods. A metal heat sink pulls heat away from the CPU then blows it away with a fan. But you absolutely need to consider your CPU socket type, RAM, case dimensions, and the current airflow inside your machine with air coolers.

The other, more luxurious option is a liquid cooler, usually of the AIO (all-in-one) variety. Liquid cooling is often a more efficient choice and can lead to some flashy-looking components with wild RGB lighting options and even OLED screens. If you’re feeling exceptionally courageous, you could also create a complete custom water cooling loop, which can include GPU as well as CPU cooling. Still, that way lies tube-bending and a whole lot of installation effort—not recommended for first-time PC builders.